Handicapping is a way of creating a level playing field between golfers of differing abilities.  You’ve heard of people “giving strokes” to someone, right? That’s what a handicap does, but on a somewhat more sophisticated level.  It is not just an average of your scores-instead it is based on your scoring potential, using the 10 best of your last 20 scores. 

You enter your golf scores through the internet, and the result is two numbers: your handicap index and the trend.  The handicap index is the number you use for tournament play and is updated at least monthly.  The lower the number, the better the player.  The trend changes every time you enter a score and lets you know whether your handicap is moving up or down at that particular moment.   Establishing and maintaining a Handicap Index is a great way for you to see how your golf game improves through the season and from year to year.

All members are encouraged to get a golf handicap.

There are two ways you can do this!

As a member benefit, you can establish an official USGA Handicap
for FREE through the LPGA Handicap System (GN21)!

The only way to access the GN21 system for our members
is through the Members Portal (click here)
After you reach the Members Portal :
post new scores
review your scoring record
review your handicap

Click here for more info about the free handicap service!

2) The Central NJ Chapter offers the GHIN handicap service for only $25.00!
(getting GHIN through golf club can be $35.00 or more)
GHIN Registration / Renewal