How to obtain a GHIN handicap

How to obtain a GHIN handicap

Do you participate in Non-EWGA Tournaments that

Require a GHIN handicap?


Do you prefer the GHIN Handicap System?

Then here is an Extra Perk from

EWGA OF Central New Jersey


Our chapter now offers the GHIN handicap service at the low price of $25 
(golf clubs usually charge $35 or more)


For $25 the chapter can renew your GHIN Handicap or register you as a new participant for the GHIN system


Please fill out the form below and mail it with your check for $25


Our Handicap Coordinator will do the rest!


You’ll be notified you when your handicap is activated or reactivated


For more information, please visit


QUESTIONS: Contact Barbara Curran at
               2018 GHIN Registration / Renewal